·         Students receiving priority registration will be notified as to when scheduling begins.

·         If only requesting priority registration for the next semester, an online Request Accommodation Letter Request Form (RALF) must be filled out no later than one (1) week before priority registration begins.

·         For students requesting E-text from DS, please contact the DS Programs Office as soon as a final schedule is made.

·         For students needing classes moved to an accessible location, interpreter/captionist services, E-text, Braille and tables put in classrooms, notify DS as soon as possible (at least three (3) weeks before fee bills are to be printed) so there is ample time to make these arrangements.



·         Print Accommodation Letters from the DS website at www.lsu.edu/disability.

·         Arrive early to secure the best possible seating.

·         For students using interpreters or captionists, save them a seat.

·         Get copies of syllabus, outlines, required texts, and faculty’s office hours. Organize each class

          syllabus, outlines, notes, and calendar in a notebook.

  • For students coordinating their own note taking services, secure a note taker and give them the Note Taker Information Form. Once the Note Taker has the form, he/she will:
    • Go to our website, www.lsu.edu/disability,
    • Click on Note Taker Information Form. (This will force the note taker to log into PAWS)
    • Once there, They will need to enter the student code located on the bottom of the Note Taker Form. They will then be prompted to complete a form to sign-up as your note taker.  When they submit the form, both you and the note taker will receive emails with each other’s email address.  You will need to contact the note taker to work out arrangements for getting the notes. 
  • For students who do not wish to coordinate their own note taking services, please provide the faculty member the Note Taker Information Sheet and allow him/her to make the announcement to the class.
  • If a note taker can not be found, contact DS.

·         Provide the note taker with carbonless paper, if preferred.  Carbonless paper is available for free in the Programs Office located in 112 Johnston Hall.

·         The student should identify themselves to faculty, preferably during office hours, to discuss their accommodations as indicated on the letters printed through the DS website. 

·         Give faculty a copy of the Accommodation Letter as early during the semester as possible but no later than three (3) business days prior to the examination date.  This letter will explain the Accommodation(s) needed (i.e. time and a half, reader, etc.) 

·         If you are taking computer-based testing in any testing lab besides the one in DS, please keep a copy of your Accommodation Letter to present to the lab staff.



·         Make appointments to talk with instructors to monitor notes and progress.  Do this at least once before an exam and again after the exam.

·         If disability-related problems arise, please report them to DS as soon as possible.



·         Students receiving a grade report should be absolutely sure that he/she is in every class listed on that report.  Students doing poorly in school for disability related reasons, should see their DS Coordinator.

·         Make sure to get advised to remove all “holds” that may affect you being able to register for classes.

·         Students who have more than three (3) final examinations in a twenty-four (24) hour period, can make arrangements with their instructors to have one test moved. This must be taken care of no later than the last day to drop/resign from the University.



·         Check final examination schedule and submit required examination forms online one week prior to the examination date. There will be absolutely NO exceptions made during the final examination period.

·         Talk with faculty to find out if they foresee any problem in administering final examinations.

·         THANK the faculty for their assistance.